What is a XPS Document?


‘XPS file format’ is something that most of us have noticed when trying to print a document from MS Office software. But, what this format exactly is and what it is used for is not something very well known.

  • XPS (XML Paper Specification) is a document format developed my Microsoft which performs pretty much as an alternative to PDF file format.
  • XPS file allows user to, Save , share, digitally sign and protect documents.
  • Just like a PDF document, saved XPS document, preserve its original format and cannot be edited after saving.
  • While XPS documents can be created using MS office package, to read these files we need to have either MS Office Suit or XPS viewer.

Different ways of selecting text in MS Word

We often waste time trying to select and deselect text in  MS Word documents. Following are some very useful keyboard shortcuts that may save a lot of time in creating Office documents.

  • To select  a word                                            – Double Click on the word
  • To  select a sentence                                     – Ctrl + click anywhere in the sentence
  • To select a paragraph                                     – Triple select it
  • To select adjacent characters                        – Shift + Arrow
  • To select adjacent word                                 – Shift + Ctrl +Arrow

Using the selection area to the left of the document

  • Single click                    – Select a line
  • Double click                  – Select a paragraph
  • Triple click                     -Select  the whole document