AutoCAD Layer Freeze/Thaw vs On/Off

Many AutoCAD users have a confusion about the use of freeze (LAYFRZ) and turning a layer off (LAYOFF). While both commands have the basic function of making a layer invisible, there are certain differences between the two.

Layer freeze vs off

Turning a layer off (LAYOFF)

  • Objects in the turned-off layers are still selectable using commands such as  SELECTALL.
  • REGEN command  regenerates all objects including the objects in turned off layers.
  • Zoom extents considers turned off objects as a part of the drawing.

Layer Freeze (LAYFRZ)

  • This command completely turns off the layer. Layer is  not selectable.
  • Frozen layer does not have any effect on REGEN command.
  • Zoom extents does not recognize frozen layers as a part of the drawing.