Atterberg limits test

Atterberg Limits test is performed in order to differentiate the state of the soil from the four main states of soil namely;

1) Solid
2) Semi solid
3) Plastic
4) Liquid

The test is performed using a apparatus called Cassagrande.
Testing procedure

1) Liquid limit : Water content where cut close at 25 blows.
2) Plastic limit : Water content at the point where 3mm threads start to crumble.
3) Plasticity index : LL – PL
4) Liquidity index : (w- PL) / PI

More information on soil types and classification;
AS1726,    AS 1289

Is it possible to install Windows 7 using an USB

The answer is YES;

There is a simple software developed by Microsoft which enables users to install Windows 7 on any computer with the usw of an USB, This is not only easy, also considerably fast.

Here is how;
1) Download Windows 7  in Iso format. (Read my other post if you are not sure what this is.)
2) Download the software from CNET.>

Windows 7  USB/DVD download tool


3) Run the software and follow the instructions; this will make a bootable USB,
4) Restart the computer >Go to BIOS > Booting order > change the booting order making “boot from USB” number one in the list
5) Exit BIOS and start thr computer > Stick the USB in the port > Restart > computer will ask to boot from USB > Enter >
6) Now computer will start copying files from USB to a temporary folder in the computer, after this step it will automatically start installing windows 7.

*** once files are copied and installing stated, force remove the USB to allow the computer to boot from the Hard disk at next automatic restart***

Note ; -The process will completely erase the USB drive, so make sure you don’t have any important files in the USB.

– Installing process involves the computer automatically restarting several times and  usually takes 15 -20 minutes.

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Keeping PDF files from expiring

I was always annoyed by the fact that PDF files I borrow from library expire after certain period of time, making it impossible to read.The apparent reason for this is the JavaScript, embedded in the PDF, which is programmed to expire the file after certain period of time.

Here is how to get around this ,

Adobe Reader

1) Launch Acrobat or Adobe Reader,

2) Select Edit>Preference,

3) Select the JavaScript Category,

4) Uncheck the ‘Enable Acrobat JavaScript’ option

5) Click OK.

Foxit Reader

1) Tools >preference>Javascript

2)  Uncheck “Enable Javascript actions”