Is it possible to install Windows 7 using an USB

The answer is YES;

There is a simple software developed by Microsoft which enables users to install Windows 7 on any computer with the usw of an USB, This is not only easy, also considerably fast.

Here is how;
1) Download Windows 7  in Iso format. (Read my other post if you are not sure what this is.)
2) Download the software from CNET.>

Windows 7  USB/DVD download tool


3) Run the software and follow the instructions; this will make a bootable USB,
4) Restart the computer >Go to BIOS > Booting order > change the booting order making “boot from USB” number one in the list
5) Exit BIOS and start thr computer > Stick the USB in the port > Restart > computer will ask to boot from USB > Enter >
6) Now computer will start copying files from USB to a temporary folder in the computer, after this step it will automatically start installing windows 7.

*** once files are copied and installing stated, force remove the USB to allow the computer to boot from the Hard disk at next automatic restart***

Note ; -The process will completely erase the USB drive, so make sure you don’t have any important files in the USB.

– Installing process involves the computer automatically restarting several times and  usually takes 15 -20 minutes.

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